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Brief information for the visitors of the village of Rezovo:
If you are heading for the pretty village of Rezovo that is situated right at the Bulgarian-Turkish border, you should know that you are going to a quiet and peaceful place away from the noisy disco clubs and round-the-clock places of amusement that are typical of the Black Sea resorts.
Along the beautiful road that literally goes through the forest you can see a lot of secluded jetties with crystal-clear seawater and sands. You would realize that people set foot in these places very rarely. There is a big chance for you to spot dolphins and sea otters in the sea and hares along the way.
In order to get in the village of Rezovo you would need you ID card. Kind border guards would stop you for a brief check-up and would wish you a pleasant holiday.
When you see the Resovo sign and look to the right of the road, for a moment you would be left with the impression that you are in the Republic of Turkey. The Turkish flag that flaps at the very boundary line seems just few metres away from you. You would immediately notice that the local people are extremely pleasant and hospitable. In just a few days spent in Resovo you would have the feeling that everyone in the village is your friend.
There are two grocery shops in the village, and one of them is extremely well-supplied. There are three small restaurants. The meals in one of them are very delicious and are prepared very quickly. This place offers the most delicious fish soup you have ever tasted.
During your relaxing holiday you would enjoy a lot of picturesque beaches and places to bathe in the sea. Pay attention how crystal clear the sea water is. There are rocks you can jump off, and you can go fishing in the Resovska River. If you are an underwater-fishing lover, Resovo is the perfect place for you.
It is quite likely that you might unwittingly cross the border while swimming, but that is not a problem. The Turkish boats do that very often while crossing the river to go out into the sea, since there are big underwater reefs in the Turkish part that are dangerous for the engine propellers.
Soon after you have left the village of Resovo, you would start planning your next return to this extremely pleasant, clean and peaceful place.